Earth Medicine Circle Monthly gathering for Women

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Earth Medicine Circle is a safe place where you can laugh, cry, create, move or sing as a way of healing.

As women, we thrive in creative and supportive environments, each of us has unique abilities to regenerate and expand when given the space to be seen and heard.

Come to connect with yourself in a sisterhood community.
You can expect a new theme every month with some of the following: ritual, shamanic journeying, movement, sharing, guided visualization, ceremony, creative making.

Next Circles:

Saturday, January 12th 2019/ 4-6pm

Saturday, February 2nd / 4-6pm

Every first Saturday of the month from, except in January (second Saturday).


You will be asked to indicate your name and contact info via Paypal for your reservation.
If you do not want to pay online, please contact Francine: 484-416-1091.

Let’s gather and heal together


Francine Bonjour-Carter

Transformation has been a guiding lantern on Francine’s path.
At the heart of her healing work sits the shame-blame-guilt triad that often keeps women dimmed and small, unable to connect with the skills and life force they possess. Francine knows that taking responsibility, having support, and exploring our wounds in a safe way will restore this life force.
Her spiritual approach is very grounded and she can walk both on the light and the shadow side, offering compassion and safety to those who are looking for authentic support and community.

As a long-time student of Pixie Lighthorse and Soulodge Earth Medicine School, Francine has learned that connecting with our environment holds many gifts for our human evolution. Earth Medicine means to open our ears, eyes, and hearts to the wisdom of nature and to apply it to our human lives.

Francine started to circle with women almost two decades ago in her native France and she is now holding space in Havertown, PA, where she lives with her husband and their two daughters, and where she has a mind-body healing practice.

:: Pictures by Catherine Beerda-Basso, Francine Bonjour-Carter and Heaven McArthur ::