Grounding Practice
Free Weekly Online Practice

:: 15 minutes for centering and grounding yourself ::

I woke up one morning feeling really overwhelmed.
World events, personal life, politics and natural catastrophes made me feel like swirling around and drowning under my emotions.
I wondered “what can I do?”
And from this question sprung the idea of using the tools I have and I know well, and offer them to who wants and needs it: 15 minutes, weekly, of gentle practice that will help you feel connected to your body, grounded in your bones, and centered in your life. No experience is required in anything, come as you are, just be you.

I will be offering more workshops in 2018, and in order to prepare them,  the Live Grounding Practice videos are on pause for now.
Go to the link below and watch the recordings, there is always something new to discover, and these videos are a free, easy resource made just for you!

All the recordings are available on my Youtube channel,
so you can do this Grounding Practice even if you missed the live session.
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