Individual Sessions

Functional Integration®

Let me guide you gently toward a deeper connection
to your body, and to your inner safety,
so you can find
 the path to your own power and freedom.

Flowing Movements

 I see movement as a long line of communication between the many different parts of ourselves. Sometimes the communication is impeded, or blocked, because a part of us is misaligned, holding tension or experiencing pain. The causes can be physical or emotional, or a combination of both.
During a hands-on session, I guide your body through gentle, sometimes very subtle movements designed to bring flow and clarity in your whole self.
Together we will restore your inner lines of communication so you can move through your life in a free, peaceful and strong way.

I work with people who experience:

  • Back pain (sciatica, scoliosis, herniated discs…)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (concussion, fall, car accident)
  • Acquired Brain Injury (stroke, aneurysm, lack of oxygen supply)
  • Balance difficulty
  • Vision problems
  • A desire to feel more themselves in their body, and really integrate their physicality into a meaningful life.


Sessions are held in my home-studio in Havertown PA.

Fee : $100/session

House calls within 20 minutes driving – $150/session 

{ Free 15 minutes phone consultation }
Let’s talk about what difficulty you have and what kind of help I can provide:
(484) 416-1091

:: What people Say ::

Ashwin S.

I visited Francine’s Feldenkrais practice to address a number of sports-related injuries, as well as lifelong issues with my posture.
Francine creates a safe environment where people feel free to explore underlying issues, ask questions, and gain insights about their own body.
The results have been nothing short of astounding : lifelong tension in my neck, lower back, and shoulders has decreased dramatically in a very short period of time.
The change was so noticeable that people have commented on how relaxed my body looks.

Catherine S.

I used to have sciatica and back pain for years, and at some point, I could not walk a block away from home. Now I can walk the dog again, and drive to see my daughter.
I have so much more awareness about my body and what I do since I’ve been working with Francine, she gave me little exercises and tools for me to be able to do it on my own, and this has changed my life!

Jen T.

I walk so much straighter since I worked with you at the retreat! I’m constantly repositioning my sternum out a bit more, feeling the space between my ribs and able to create an opening from what you talked about with me.
Your work has been so subtle yet so profound.

Jim S.

I’ve been working with Francine for about a year and would highly recommend her as an instructor and practitioner.
She has created an extremely comfortable environment for me, her approach is calm, thoughtful and unhurried and I feel the benefits immediately after a session. In my time working with Francine, my posture has improved and the pain in my lower back and hip has definitely decreased.
I really look forward to the time I spend in her studio.

Phone: (484) 416-1091