Release Ritual

10/26 – 11/07


11 Days to Release

There is something in you that is ready to be released.
To be freed.
To be let go of.

It might be an old belief about yourself, an outdated way of thinking, a relationship dynamic, a phase of your life…
In this online circle, you will find supportive tools and caring guidance to learn how to create your own 11-days release ritual.


Registration is closed for this Fall – come back in the Spring!

Dark Moon pix

Live Meetings

We will meet online three times:
– Sunday 10/28 to open our Circle and start our ritual
– Thursday 11/01 to check in
– Wednesday 11/07 to close our ritual under the Dark Moon.

All meetings will happen on Zoom, at noon ET (9am PT), and will be recorded and accessible to anyone who signed up for this course.


Guiding Material

You will receive written prompts, videos, and instructions to help you create your own altar and mantra, and you will also be taught a special breathing exercise to keep you centered and grounded.

Before our first Zoom meeting, you will have identified what you want to release and what simple objects/imagery you will want to have on your altar.


Daily Practice

The materials of this course are made to help you embody and call in the change you are seeking.

For 11 days, from October 28th to November 7th, you will sit daily at your altar and spend as little or as long as you want to do this practice.

The most powerful magic is the one you make with clear intention and caring support.



Transformation has been a guiding lantern on Francine’s path.

To transform means to look at the old wounds, re-write some stories and build a healthy self-image.
Francine knows that taking responsibility, having support, and exploring our wounds in a safe way will restore our life force.

Her spiritual approach is very grounded and she can walk both on the light and the shadow side, offering compassion and safety to those who are looking for authentic support and community.