:: A Quest For Vision ::

A shamanic and body awareness workshop to connect with your inner Vision and Wisdom.

Life works in cycles: years, seasons, lunar phases, menstruation… The beginning of a new cycle is generally a time to set up our intentions for the new period of time to come and to lay out our Vision.

In this workshop, we will be guided by the image of Wolf, tune into our inner wisdom and intuition to welcome the new cycle and find the support and the tools to keep this vision unfolding smoothly.
By connecting to our eyes on a physical and sensory level, we can expand our vision, become more precise about what we need, and explore with an acute eyesight where we are, and where we want to go.

I will lead you through several body-awareness sessions and a guided meditation with Wolf, we will use sound to connect to our inner wisdom and we will reflect on the symbols and messages that come through in a very grounded and supportive way.

Saturday, January 5th 2019
2:30 – 6pm
Havertown, PA


$100/2 persons


What we’ll do

– Two Awareness Through Movement sessions: simple, slow movements designed to connect you to your vision and to your senses.
– A guided meditation with Wolf.
– Journaling and gaining clarity on our messages for the cycle to come.
– Create a card for the year with a simple message/word.
– Share healthy snacks and tea.

* No experience required *

What you need

– Comfortable clothes
– Pen & notebook/journal to take notes

:: Give yourself the gift of a clear vision ::


My name is Francine Bonjour-Carter and I look forward to being with you for this workshop.
I am an Earth Medicine practitioner and a certified Feldenkrais Method® practitioner, and merge nearly 15 years of experience both with body-awareness and shamanism into a unique practice.
I create a safe, grounded space for those interested in deepening their connection and knowledge of their body and learning to access their inner wisdom. I help you listen to your whole self with compassionate clarity so you can find strength and softness in the way you move through your life.

I also offer hands-on sessions and group classes – You can find more info here.

heavenmcarthur intuitive portraits francine 011

Picture by Heaven McArthur

Francine Bonjour-Carter
(484) 416-1091