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Image by Christian Schloe
Image by Christian Schloe
Are you ready to explore your Inner Landscape?


If you feel disconnected from your body, going on a journey into your Inner Landscape will help you to safely and sustainably re-connect, by engaging in a conversation with yourself. You live in a physical body, do you know how it works? How often do you have a real conversation with it? What do you sense in your bones? This program will teach you how to listen, how to start this sacred conversation with yourself.

Traveling through your Inner Landscape helps you to move through your life with more presence and purpose. During these 5 weeks, I offer you an environment for safe and deep travel, where you will discover that there is so much more wisdom and possibilities in you than you can see right now.

If you want to really sense the uniqueness of who you are, you are ready to explore your Inner Landscape. This program explores how to move with gentleness and authenticity, without following a model or fashion-practice, but by reflecting on the outside who you are inside.

You are ready if you want to be grounded in your physical reality. You will learn how to create a solid bridge between how you feel in spirit and your physical container.

You are ready if you want to be fully aligned with who you are, on every level of your being. Look for it, claim it, own it, and embody it.

Image by Christian Schloe
Image by Christian Schloe
Why I created This Program
Image by Heaven McArthur
Image by Heaven McArthur

I am a woman dedicated to become who I am meant to be.

I moved from my native France to the US (San Francisco) in 2006, and live now near Philadelphia, PA. I am a mother of two spirited daughters, an Earth Medicine practitioner, and I am trained and certified in the Feldenkrais Method®, a movement & awareness education system.

I have been victim of my own beliefs and physical limitations, and I never stop learning from them: learning to let go, to be grateful and to renew.

I know about transitions and adaptation, about the essentiality of communication, and the unexpected turns of life. I have learned to find my center in the midst of the tornado, and to keep my feet strong on the ground and my heart safely open. I have learned that being tall is not a number of inches, but rather the result of an internal shift, born from exploring my inner landscape with authenticity.

The way I know myself is an ever-growing process, where questions matter more than answers, and awareness is a precious gift.

I create an authentic space for others to be themselves, feel safe, and guided. I practice sacred listening, always.

When you speak, I listen.
When you move, I listen.
When I touch you, I listen.
When something whispers, I listen.

I offer reliable tools of awareness and self-exploration for those who feel disconnected from their body, and from their calling, so they can finally feel fully themselves.
I created Woman Embodied because I want you to sense that your body is your container for Life. By having a growing knowledge of this container, and a deep connection with it, you will be able to stand into your fullness and find a peaceful sense of power.
There is no model for being You, the only way is to learn more, sense more of what is inside, and engage in a truthful conversation with yourself. This program is a supportive and inspiring environment for this process.

Our Roadmap
  • Week 1 – Self Image Through Sensation
    Live session Wednesday October 18th
    You will discover how to feel physically grounded so that you can be emotionally grounded.
    Feel the peace of knowing that emotional support is available to you whenever you need it.
  • Week 2 -Breathing and Grounding
    Live session Wednesday October 25th
    Breathe new possibility into old stories so you can begin to write the next chapters of your life from a place of fullness and freedom. Reclaim your power as the author of your own breathing, and of your own life.
  • Week 3 – Your Pelvis as an Anchor
    Live Session Wednesday November 1st
    Develop a happy relationship with the physical seat of your power and intimacy, and start the process of giving birth to the powerful woman waiting inside you.
  • Week 4 – Standing Tall
    Live Session Wednesday November 8th
    Come home to yourself in movement, and root yourself in your physicality so that you are taller and freer than you have ever experienced.
  • Week 5 – Embodying Who You Are Through Listening
    Live session Wednesday November 15th
    Find your unique inner balance and support so that you can take the next step on your journey with confidence.
    In our closing circle, we will look at how your Inner Landscape has changed,  where are the unexplored places now, and what options you have to travel deeper.
How we will travel together
  • We will have audio, video or written content and a live meeting every week.
  • Prompts will come into your mailbox every Monday and introduce you to the week’s topic so you can start thinking and exploring.
  • The live sessions will happen every Wednesday on Zoom at 12:30pm ET/9:30am PDT, for 90 minutes. You will receive a private link to access our sessions. During our time together, we will talk about the week’s theme, and I will guide you for an hour of Awareness Through Movement®, a unique technique of sensing yourself. It is very gentle and slow, uses your senses, imagination, and your natural ability to move.
  • You will have access to the recordings afterward in case you can not be present at the time of the session, and to explore it more than one time.
  • We will have an intimate, private discussion group where you will be able to share your experiences and observations.
Dates: October 15th – November 15th 2017

– Weekly themes will be sent by email on Mondays October 16th, 23rd, 30th, November 6th, 13th.
– Live Sessions will be held at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT on Wednesdays October 18th, 25th,
November 1st, 8th, 15th.


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How much time do I need to set aside for this program?
Our live session will last 90 minutes (an hour of guided movements and 30 minutes of talking/sharing) every Wednesday for 5 weeks. You will receive the week’s theme on Monday, and I suggest you set at least 45 minutes aside to read/listen, reflect and write about it.

What do I need?
A journal/notebook to record where this journey is taking you. A comfortable mat/blanket to lie on the floor during our Wednesday live sessions, and a device with a camera.

What are the technical requirements for this program?
You will need a device with a camera, so I can see you when we do our guided movements. It is important for me to see what you are doing, so I can be sure my instructions are clear, and adapt according to what you do.
We will be using Zoom, which is a really easy, free and user-friendly platform. You will see me, and I will see you (it is like a conference call where you see all participants).

I am not specially “fit”… what kind of movements exactly will we do?
You don’t need any level or experience in anything and this program is not about fitness exercise, or “work-out”. The movements I offer are exploratory. They are very unique, gentle, slow and are designed for you to sense your whole self.

I have physical pain and/or injuries, can I participate?
The movements we will be doing are really slow and safe, so you can participate if you have pain or are injured – in my private practice, I work with people who have physical pain and brain injuries.
However, you are responsible for your pace and for letting me know about your health condition. This program is not a substitute for medical help, and if you have a doubt, I suggest you ask your provider before registering for this program.

How many people will be in the program?
Our group will be intimate for an online course (15 women maximum). It is important to me to create a space where we all feel at ease in our sharing and in our discussions.

Does this program include private sessions with you?
This program is online only and does not include any private time with me. I will be available in our discussion group for questions and comments, and one-on-one discussion if you want. If you are local (Philadelphia area) and want to book a hands-on session with me, contact me directly – also, I am hoping to offer this program in-person in the coming months so let me know if you are interested.

What if I can not attend the live sessions?
All live sessions will be recorded and I will send you the link to the recordings. If you can not attend our Wednesday live session, you will be able to do it at a convenient time for you, so don’t let that stop you from starting this sacred conversation with yourself.

I am a man, and am really interested in your program…
At this time, this program is specifically designed for women. A program for both men and women may come in 2018, so stay tuned!

I have a question that I would like to ask you directly, is it possible?
Yes, you can email me directly at francine@womanembodied.com